Discussion Topic – “Staying in hotels” & “Working in a hotel”.

Staying in hotels:

Q. What things are important when people are choosing a hotel?

Answer: I think that when people are choosing a hotel, they primarily consider three factors as important. Number one thing, of course, is the price or cost of renting the hotels. If the cost of renting seems too inflated, most people wouldn’t choose a hotel, no matter how much nice it really is. The second factor is the location of the hotel. If the hotel is located in an area which is clean and free from all kinds of annoying noises, it is preferable by the guests. Finally, the third factor is what kinds of amenities and services are provided by the hotel. Apart from that, sometimes online reviews and big discounts attract customers to choose a particular hotel over others.

Q. Why do some people not like staying in hotels?

Answer: I think that several negative factors generally tend to influence some people in deciding against staying at a hotel. The primary factor, in this case, would be the lack of enough privacy. Another factor could be the overall hygiene issue. After all, living in a closed environment and place, shared by many people at the same time, could be a bit problematic, to say the least. Finally, an unknown environment could also play an important role in dissuading people to stay at a hotel.

Q. Do you think staying in a luxury hotel is a waste of money?

Answer: Well, since the cost of renting a hotel room is certainly an issue for many people, it is tempting for many to think that staying in a luxury hotel is a waste of money, even though, I disagree with it. After all, they are called “luxury hotels” for a reason and the reason is that they usually ensure a very comfortable and safe stay, which usually comes with a variety of top-class services and amenities, for their guests. Besides, good things don’t come cheap.

Working in a hotel:

Q. Do you think hotel work is a good career for life?

Answer: I do think that working at a hotel can be a good career choice for life, primarily because the hospitality industry is one of those few industries which have seen tremendous growth over the last few years. With the proper education and experience, entry-level jobs can lead to top-level managerial positions rather quickly and easily. Besides, there are also many schools that offer post-secondary education in this job sector, which can also offer some great opportunities to become a hospitality educator in addition to working directly in the hotel and tourism industries.

Q. How does working in a big hotel compare to working in a small hotel?

Answer: There are certainly some differences between working at a big hotel and a small one. The main difference, of course, is that big hotels generally offer greater opportunities for growth with a better salary package and other types of career incentives than a small hotel does. Of course, a small hotel offers a personal management touch. But, on the flip side, working at a big hotel could also pose a few more challenges, as opposed to working in a small hotel, which may include working longer hours and having fewer holidays.

Q. What skills are needed to be a successful hotel manager?

Answer: A hotel manager has to balance among several different responsibilities and duties, and without having a certain skill set, it will be very difficult for him or her to do so successfully. Anyway, in order to become a successful hotel manager, a person should have excellent communication, interpersonal and customer service skills, operational knowledge, leadership and team-building skills, as well as financial and business skills. Besides, a successful hotel manager should also be enough detail-oriented and flexible in order to make sure the hotel is offering the best services to its guests.