Describe a song or a piece of music you like


You should say:

  • what the song or music is

  • what kind of song or music it is

  • where you first heard it

  • explain why you like it.

Sample Answer:

In my humble opinion, I think that there are very few things in this world which arouse our emotion as strongly as a piece of great music or song does. Today, here, I would like to talk about one such song which I heard for the first time at one of my friends’ house.

The song, I like and want to talk about is titled “Return to Innocence” by the world-famous German music band called “Enigma”. Released in January 1994 as the lead single from their second album called the “The Cross of Changes”, the song had become one of their most successful international singles in many countries around the world.

Anyway, prior to hearing this song at my friend’s house, I didn’t really make much of relaxing or meditational music, probably because I thought that they were just too dull, but once I heard “Return to Innocence, I literally fell in love with it. In fact, since then I have heard this song on numerous occasions whether I am waking up in the morning or doing some stretching/yoga exercise, I play this song. However, the most interesting thing about this song is that even though I have listened to it so many times, it just feels new every time I listen to it.

Talking about the symbolic life of a man backwards, from death to his birth and then eventually returning to innocence, this song is an invitation to forget all the hassles of adulthood and remember what it was like to be a child; regain that “innocence” and wonder of it all, see the world and everybody in it with open eyes, an open mind, and an open heart, and to jump into love without looking!

Well, I like this song, mainly because it has some really powerful lyrics which just keep captivating my mind, every time I listen to it. Besides, the quiet instrumental sounds, rhythmic electronic beats, and a ‘distinctive pop sound’ work like magic to clear my mind, when I am in distress, like nothing else.


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