Describe a part of the world you would like to visit


You should say:

  • where you would like to visit
  • what you already know about it and how
  • what you would like to do there
  • explain why you would like to visit this part of the world.


Sample Answer:

Europe is often considered by many to be the most attractive and beautiful place in the world, and if I have a chance, I would like to visit some of the European countries. To be more precise, I would like to visit countries like the UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and a few more countries in the European Union. These countries offer unique cultural features and so diverse lifestyles that I do not want to miss them.

What I already know about this place? Well, I know the history of these countries to a certain extent like how they were the political and cultural capital of the world, how they pioneered scientific discoveries and inventions, how they were the world leader in fostering arts, how wars devastated the whole of Europe, and finally how diverse their cultural aspects really are. I also know what the most beautiful beaches there, what historical monuments attract thousands of tourists each day and where to stay to get a glimpse of a true European lifestyle. And I have learned about these aspects because I want to visit there soon.

I came to know about many interesting places in Europe from books, stories from my friends, movies, and magazines. Later, I did some extensive searches on the internet and learnt about these countries even more.

I would like to visit Europe only when I have more than two weeks or three weeks’ vacation. I have to have a solid travel plan as I will be in many different countries instead of just one. I will enjoy the beautiful countryside of these countries, enjoy my time in local cafes and enjoy local food, try to get a peek at the local tradition and lifestyle, explore dazzling cities, relax on beaches, meet new people and visit museums and historically famous places.

Europe bears the mark of world history very prominently. To understand many political, historical, scientific and cultural aspects that the world has now, we have to travel to different parts of Europe, and that’s why I want to visit Europe. Also, Europe is so beautiful to miss in our lifetime and I want to be there to witness the beauty that Europe has for its travellers.


Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

“Describe a part of the world you would like to visit.” 

Travelling is quite advantageous both for learning and pleasure. So, people travel around the world but the places or destinations may vary based on individuals. Here are some other hints for the IELTS candidates to deal with this cue card task.

1.  I love sailing, and the Mediterranean beaches are the best places just for that. I would like to visit any of the beaches in this region and sail for a few days. Also, I would prefer to sail alone and enjoy the beauty around me. Necessary foods and water should be preserved on the small boat and I will take some books so that I can read them when I will not sail. My previous experience of sailing was filled with thrill and I want to have it now as well.

2.  People in Asia have a great reputation for maintaining their own culture and customs. I have a plan to experience their culture. Next summer I will go to visit Asia, particularly some of the large Asian countries like China, India etc. Hope it would be a nice visit.

3.  I enjoy natural views more than anything. Greece mainly consists of islands with natural views. And so, I am planning to make my next trip to any scenic islands of Greece. I have also informed a few of my friends about this plan and they agreed to go there as well.


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