IELTS Coaching

The IELTS Speaking Section

A formal introduction to the IELTS Speaking Section

 This is what you will see listed as the criteria for the Speaking Section on the Official IELTS page and with most other organisations that are closely associated in delivering or providing training for the IELTS examination.

The IELTS Speaking Section is a very important component of the complete IELTS examination. The Speaking Section is probably one of the only few sections where you can’t get ANY FEEDBACK AT ALL unless you are willing to pay a significant amount for one-to-one coaching with an IELTS teacher at the British Council or equivalent organisations.

The IELTS test is usually conducted at at one of the many designated centers worldwide and consists of a face-to-face conversation that has a duration of between 11 to 14 minutes.

The 1st Section

This part consists of an interview alongside a brief introduction and interview questions.

Common topics that are indicated by the IELTS that could be asked are:
1. Your Home
2. Your Family
3. Your employment/ studies
4. Hobbies/Pasttimes
5. Interests
6. Why you are sitting for the IELTS examination
7. General topics

The 2nd Section

You will be given a card with prompts on a pre-selected topic.

You have exactly a minute to prepare and if you wish to make notes – you may do so.

Reference to the prompts should be included in the topic talk and one of the prompts should be explored in further detail during the talk.

The duration of the talk should last at least two minutes, of which the examiner may ask one or two questions.

The 3rd Section

This section is also known as the discussion section, where a conversation between the examiner and you will occur. Questions relating to the theme that was brought up in Part 2 and more abstract themes will also be examined through questioning.

Items assessed by the examiner:

1. Effective communication in the English language
2. Fluency and coherence
3. Lexical Resource
4. Grammatical Range
5. Accuracy
6. Pronounciation

If you want the ‘informal’ discussion of what’s really needed to take your score to a 7, 8 or 9 (the score I received),¬†Click on this link the for a no obligation discussion.