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We value your privacy at You have placed your confidence in us and we will work together with you to achieve the IELTS result you require.

All payments for our services are conducted through PayPal – the industry standard for secure transactions. Customer information privacy is of utmost importance to us. We strictly do not share your information with other organisations unless we have your permission in writing. All correspondence and information regarding one-to-one coaching sessions are kept confidential.

Please review the information below to ensure that you are familiar with our privacy policies.

This is the personal information that is kept when a form on our landing page is filled or subsequently make a purchase from us through PayPal.

We retain information such as:

  • The name you have provided
  • The contact details you have provided
  • The extent of your education in English
  • How prepared you are for the IELTS
  • When are you going to sit for the IELTS

The primary reason for storing identifiable information is to:

  • identify you when we are conducting an assessment to gauge your speaking ability
  • identify you when you are engaging in a coaching sessions.

If you write us an e-mail at you can always a copy of your personal information on file, in fact we encourage you to write in to let us know if there are any errors and additionally so that we can stay in touch. Please do not hesitate if you wish to amend or update your personal information at

Kindly note:

We may amend our privacy policy at any point in time and the wording on this document could be altered without prior notice. In order to remain updated to the latest policies and conditions, return to this page frequently and ensure that this document is reviewed carefully.

While browsing this Website you agree adhere to the Privacy Policy of this Website. If for particular reasons, you do not agree to the Privacy Policy, please refrain from using or browsing our Website.
It is possible to browse the information provided on the Website without having to disclose your personal information. When you enter your information on the landing page, you have provided some identifiable information to us and are not anonymous. Additionally, please observe that in the forms on our landing page, there are fields that are required and fields that are optional.

If we receive a transaction, a billing address, a credit or debit card number and expiration date may be provided along with relevant payment details.

When placing messages on our Website or when you leave feedback on our Website, this information may be used to provide resolutions any discrepancies/disputes, provide you customer support and to assist in problems that arise. Be aware that correspondence presented by third parties may be retained for reference. If you send us personal correspondence, such as emails or letters, or if a separate entity forwards us your correspondence, postings or Website activities, we may collect such data for reference.

The personally identifiable information that we retain from filling the forms on the landing page are your email address, name, phone number from you when you contact us. These actions are completed in order to obtain an IELTS Practice Speaking session. Your contact information will be used to relay information of the time and duration of the Skype Practice Speaking session.

Your feedback may be requested through online surveys and may ask you for contact information and demographic information. This data is used to provide improved content for our Website’s users.

We may only disclose your information in situations where we are required to meet our legal obligations. Your personal information is not disclosed to any external parties without your permission or explicit consent for marketing and advertising purposes.

By default if you browse our website, you explicitly and clearly provide permission for us to use your personal information corresponding to the Privacy Policy of this website. Please check this page occasionally so that you are aware and up to date on the latest amendments to our Privacy Policy.

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